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One of the most reliable and fun platforms, PlayAmo online casino offers its players all of the best games, promotions, and benefits. Find the most popular and notorious games from the biggest providers in the industry, use the most user-friendly promotions and gifts and score some of the biggest payouts the casino industry has ever seen.
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Receive some of the largest and easiest welcome bonuses and promotions. Enjoy bonus funds without losing access to all of your favorite slots and casino games as you fill the wagering requirements without even noticing. Don’t miss a chance to get a gift for every deposit you make on a weekly basis.
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First Deposit Bonus

First Deposit Bonus

Depositing 100 €/$ will get you 200 $ to begin playing with.
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Second Deposit Bonus

Second Deposit Bonus

For your second deposit, we will give a bonus 50% of your deposit amount.
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Play the best

All of your favorite slots and casino games can be found on PlayAmo casino platform. Don’t know how to play? No problem! Our platform supports “play for fun” options for all players, with or without an account. Enjoy only the best games from the best providers with just one click of a button.
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With the best providers

PlayAmo offers you slots and games from 48 software providers with decades of experience in the gambling industry. Play the most professionally developed and designed games to your heart’s content without any restrictions or issues. Keep an eye out for promotions on your favorite software providers too!

Easy deposit deposit and withdraw

Easily withdraw and deposit funds with PlayAmo casino online through popular payment methods such as Visa, MasterCard, Neteller, Skrill, and many others. Don’t restrict yourself with only traditional currencies as well, PlayAmo offers a unique opportunity to deposit and withdraw through cryptocurrencies thanks to our partnership with Coinspaid.
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Bonus Package

  • Take advantage of our reload bonuses on nearly every single day of the week. Don’t miss slot races that have some of the most competitive flairs you can find with online casinos. Enjoy your favorite games with free spins during both working days and weekends.
  • Double all of your funds using the PlayAmo casino no deposit bonus on every first, second and even third deposits you make. Continue the flow of free spins with our additional promotions for our most loyal customers in the long run.
  • Earn yourself a VIP status to join some of the most exclusive contests and promotions PlayAmo has to offer. Get a chance to walk away with dozens of free spins, cash prizes, and even a luxury Ferrari 488GTB supercar.

Over 3,500 games

  • Jump at the opportunity to play more than 3,000 slot games from the most popular software providers like Microgaming, NetEnt and many others. PlayAmo offers a unique opportunity to play not only the most modern games but also appreciate the classics that made slots so popular in the first place.
  • Use your PlayAmo casino bonus on some of the best live casino game providers such as Evolution Gaming. Watch and participate in games like online roulette, blackjack, and even Sic Bo
  • Be the first to play the newest games created by your favorite providers on PlayAmo. Thanks to our unique partnerships with the providers, PlayAmo is able to give its players exclusive access to games that sometimes can’t be found anywhere else.

Quick payouts and reliable support

  • Withdraw your winnings in the fastest manner in the industry. The average waiting time is 2 hours for your digital wallets while Visa and Mastercard take the usual 5 business days for processing. Choose unique withdrawal methods to avoid any fees.
  • Take advantage of PlayAmo support of Bitcoin payment methods and receive your winnings within seconds of placing the request. Get the most accurate and convenient conversion rates with our partners.
  • Have 24/7 365 days a year access to our support team that responds within minutes of receiving your request.
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Additional information about PlayAmo

Playing safely on PlayAmo

The PlayAmo platform uses all the modern technology to ensure the safety of its customers during their online presence. When it comes to legal terms, all PlayAmo users can rest easy knowing that the company is registered and regulated in Curacao under its parent company Direx Limited’s name.

PlayAmo also adheres to the Responsible Gambling policy for all of its users and recommends reading up on the issue before registering.

What kind of games can you play on PlayAmo?

PlayAmo online casino features more than 3,000 slots and around 500 live casino games for your enjoyment. We also try to categorize these games according to users’ preferences by assigning each to their respective software provider. If you have a favorite company, it will be extremely easy to find them on our platform.

Furthermore, PlayAmo pays attention to the play styles of all of its customers, therefore, you will easily be able to filter out all the high and low volatility games to better suit your style.

Don’t know what low volatility means? Let’s explain that.

Choosing games based on volatility

Volatility is a very useful tool that you can use to filter what games you like to play. For example, applying the PlayAmo bonus to a high volatility slot game is sometimes smarter because this type of game would yield larger returns. Let’s try and figure out what high and low volatility means.

High volatility is a name that is given to slots that have much higher wins that happen less often. For example, with these kinds of slots, players can expect to win every 10 spins or so, but with much higher payouts.

Low volatility is pretty much the exact opposite. These games allow players to win every 2 spins or so but with much lower payouts. However, low volatility games tend to be more popular with players nowadays.

Don’t forget the RTP

Before you start using your PlayAmo free spins on the high volatility slots, it’s a good idea to take a look at the games’ RTP. This stands for Return to Player. It’s basically a calculation that the developer has made to determine how much a player can expect to get back after an unknown number of spins. The RTP is usually at 90%, but there have been cases with 99% as well. Usually, it’s recommended to not go below 90% RTP, but it’s all subjective in the end.

How to withdraw your winnings

Congratulations! If you were specifically looking for this information it means that you have won a large or small sum of funds and would like to withdraw them. This is very easy to do. All you have to do is go to your account, click the withdraw button and apply for the withdrawal with whichever payment method you’d like.

Please consider that some payment methods have withdrawal fees attached to them. This is mostly due to the policies of the companies behind these methods. However, you can just as easily find free withdrawal options on PlayAmo to suit your needs.

However, if you have used one of the PlayAmo bonus codes 2020, please consider that what you have on your account may not be eligible for withdrawal. You see, there’s a wagering requirement for every bonus you receive.

For example, if you take the 100% deposit bonus, the casino gives you a maximum of $/€100 for that deposit. In order for you to withdraw these funds, you will have to wager a specific amount of funds within a given timeframe.

In order to find out how much you have to wager, all you have to do is go to your account settings and click the “Bonuses” button. All of the information will be displayed there. Once you’ve gone through the PlayAmo casino login, please consider that not every game gives you the wagering requirements to withdraw your funds. Make sure to read the terms and conditions on each of the bonus options to know exactly where and how much you will have to wager your free cash. This will help you form a clear plan.

How to play slots on PlayAmo

You may have already noticed that we have quite a lot of slots on our platform. In fact, more than 85% of the games we have available are slots, which is why we try to have as many promotions and options available for our players to enjoy these games to the fullest.

However, we sometimes see that no matter how many PlayAmo free spins no deposit promotions we make, newer players tend to avoid them. After some research, we’ve found out that most of this is due to players not knowing how slots work or how to play them. There’s no need to worry, we will explain everything that has to do with slots right here.

Symbols in slots

One of the first things you may have noticed about slots is that they are quite colorful with a bunch of different pictures and icons. These pictures and icons are referred to as symbols, and they are the most important parts of every slot game. These symbols are what help create the combinations that lead to large payouts and what platforms like PlayAmo casino are pretty much based on.

Most slots have around 4 different slots. They are called: “regulars”, “uniques”, “wilds” and “bonuses”. Let’s try to explain them one by one.

Regular symbols - these symbols are the most common on the slot machine. They are usually shown as numbers from 1-10 or letters like J, Q, K and etc. Combinations with these symbols have the least payout but are much more common. So it’s not necessarily bad to have a really nice combo with all 10s in the mix paired up with multipliers and other bonuses.

Unique symbols - these symbols are a bit harder to find on classic slot machines. Here at PlayAmo casino online we try to have slots with the most unique symbols as possible, but sometimes the demand for classics is just too overwhelming, so don’t be surprised if some slots simply don’t have any.

When it comes to identifying the unique symbols though, all you have to do is look at the theme of the game. Is it a slot about Egyptian mythology? Then it is likely that the unique symbol is an Egyptian god such as Ra or Anubis. The same can be said about games with Greek or Norse design. The combinations with these symbols have the highest payouts so it’s always nice to see them align.

Wild symbols - Wild symbols are probably the best symbol to get during a spin, especially if you’re using the PlayAmo free spins bonus. It is both a unique and a regular symbol. No matter which combination it finds itself in, it will still result in a payout. For example, imagine that you get a combination like this: 9, 9, wild, 9. You would think that this won’t register as a combination because it breaks with the wild symbol. But, the wild symbol is programmed to participate in every combination, so in this case, it’s basically like a 9 symbol.

Bonus symbols - Bonus symbols are the rarest of them all. These symbols mostly lead to immediate cash prizes depending on how many you get, or some bonus levels that you can play for even more payouts than the cash prize. In almost every PlayAmo casino review you will notice that we are referred to as the house of the best bonus slots out there, which is why we like talking about this symbol particularly.

Most of the slots that we feature here come with these bonus levels that help our players generate some of the biggest payouts on online casino platforms. Most games require you to get 3 of these symbols during a spin, but for some, getting even 1 of them is enough to drown you in payouts.


Reels are the most important part of slot games. To make it easier to understand, try looking at them as the columns that actually do the spinning. In fact, that’s exactly what they are. There is no PlayAmo bonus code or anything that could change the true nature of slots. Their core feature is that the reels spin and combinations are formed with the symbols. That’s pretty much all there is to it.

In order to find out how big a slot is, it’s usually best to see how it is described in terms of reels. Is it a 5x3? That means that there are 5 reels with 3 symbols inside of them. Combining it would give us 15 symbols per spin, which can have dozens of paylines.


Paylines are the combinations that generate the payouts for you. Sometimes you may be surprised to see that a 5x3 slot has around 50 paylines. It does sound a bit weird, right? Aren’t you supposed to get identical symbols in a line to win something? Yes and No. Thanks to modern technology online slots can now give you a payout even with the weirdest combinations.

What’s best is that you don’t even need a PlayAmo casino bonus to get these options, they’re built in the majority of slots that come out these days.

Paylines can sometimes look like this. Imagine that you are playing a 5x3 slot game. This means there are 5 reels and 3 rows. Imagine that you press spin and get this combination. Two 9 symbols on the second row for the first two reels, one 9 symbols on the third reel and two more 9 symbols on the second row for the last two reels. You’d think that this wouldn’t be a real combination with a classic slot game, but thanks to more modern games this would lead to quite the payout.

So, when you see that a game has more than 24 paylines, it may be a good idea to give it a shot.

Playing live casino games

Although most of our PlayAmo free spins no deposit bonus offers revolve around slot games, they’re not necessarily all for these types of games. It may come across as wordplay here but there is also another game that requires you to spin in order to win something. Experienced players may have already understood what we’re talking about here. Live roulette is probably the second most popular game that users play on our platform. It’s a 24/7 live broadcast from a studio somewhere in the world. All that happens is that there’s a camera looking filming how the roulette is spun live and broadcasting it on our platform for players to place bets on.

Although there are no PlayAmo signup bonus offers for live casinos in most of the cases, we still try to provide some benefits for players that like to exclusively play these games. Therefore we will sometimes have free spins for the roulette, one free bet for things like poker, blackjack, and baccarat as well as the deposit bonus for bigger bets on Sic Bo and various other live casino games.

We have a partnership with two live casino game providers at the moment, Evolution Gaming and Ezugi games. Both of these companies are basically studios that have offices mostly across Europe that stream their employees dealing cards, spinning the roulette or rolling the dice in Sic Bo.

Playing these games with the PlayAmo bonus provides users with a unique opportunity to see exactly how they work, but if you don’t want to test them out using the bonus, we will try to explain them here. But, considering that there are a lot of live casino games let’s just explain two of them.

Live roulette

This game is one of the classics and you’ve probably seen somebody play this in a movie or a TV series somewhere. It’s basically a big wheel with 37 numbers on it starting from 0 and ending with 36. 0 is always green, while the other 36 are divided equally between red and black.

Players have the opportunity to bet on the color or the number. Betting on color would lead to your bet is doubled if you guess correctly, while a number guess would have a larger payout because it’s less likely to happen.

If you’ve seen a PlayAmo casino review, you must have noticed how we try to provide an impeccable quality on live casino games, simply because a player can sometimes see the trajectory of how the spin is going to happen or they just like to see every detail possible. Therefore, you’ll always have the cleanest shot of the game on our platform.

With roulette, it’s much more important because sometimes it is allowed to bet when the ball is about to be released on the roulette. This could lead to better predictions for players.

Live blackjack

We have to recognize that blackjack is one of the most popular games not only on our platform but in the whole world as well. The simplicity of the game and a slight hint of skill attracts the most players. It has sometimes been called the most fun casino game of all, but that would be stretching it compared to all the innovative slot games and PlayAmo bonus codes 2020 based on them.

The rules are simple. Your goal is to beat the dealer’s hand without going over 21 points. Every card has a point. So a 1 of hearts would be 1 point and 5 of hearts would be 5 points. Jack, Queen, and King have a value of 10 while the Ace can have a value of 1 or 11, depending on the situation.

You are given two cards at the beginning and so is the dealer. It is up to you to guess how much the dealer could have based on the 1 card that he/she is going to show you. If you’re sure that you have more points than him, you can just “Stand” and end your turn. Once all the cards are shown if you have more points than the dealer you get 1.5 times your bet, and if you don’t then you lose it all.

The reason why we sometimes have a PlayAmo bonus for blackjack is that it’s fast and fun, so players can quickly use the bonus without letting it expire.

Why use Bitcoin with PlayAmo

Bitcoin can sound a little for those who’ve never used it, but we sometimes try to base PlayAmo casino no deposit bonus promotions on this specific currency to help customers see some of the benefits it can offer.

The first reason why Bitcoin is an advantageous currency to use is that it’s very fast to transfer. When our customers request a Bitcoin withdrawal from the platform, our partner companies are able to process the request within a couple of minutes or maximum an hour. This helps the players stay on track of their gaming plans and actually benefit from them.

The second reason is that Bitcoin helps people hide their identity when they withdraw their funds. Most customers like using their original banks to make and take payments on the platform, but some have mentioned that it’s not very useful or advantageous outside of the platform itself.

You see, since our platform is registered as PlayAmo online casino, most banks will label the transaction as gambling, which is pretty much how it is supposed to work. However, some banks across the world don’t necessarily view gambling as a fun or healthy activity, which is why it could lead to a person’s credit score being lowered.

This is one of the reasons why people who have bank accounts with banks like that tend to use Bitcoin as their go-to currency in order to both enjoy playing games and keep their personal banking profile untouched.

How to use your bonus

Here at PlayAmo, as already mentioned above we have quite a lot of bonuses that you can use, but they all have their ways that you can or should use them.

The most common one you will find is the deposit bonus for your first, second and third time. Let’s discuss the first deposit bonus first as others are very similar.

Once you redeem your PlayAmo casino bonus code, you will have an option to choose how much you want to deposit. With the first bonus, the maximum amount is $/€100 for which you will get an additional $/€100. So, in the end, you get to have $/€200. This can be applied to any amount you deposit below $/€100. So, for example, if you deposit $/€77 you will get an additional $/€77. You can treat it as a gift of the exact same amount you deposit on your first try.

The second deposit bonus is a little bit different as it gives you only 50% of your deposit. So if you deposit $/€100, you get $/€50 instead of $/€100.

When it comes to the PlayAmo signup bonus you will usually encounter free spins for specific slot games. The good thing about this bonus though is that it can be re-activated almost every single day of the week, which is why we call it the reload bonus.